Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Sweater


Got all bogged down in the past week or so with too big a stack of papers and such that went with "computer time" that I didn't get around to a post because I hadn't uploaded pictures because the pile of other stuff I had to do was too big.  Yeesh.  But it's better now, and before my computer battery dies (I need a deadline!) I want to write a quick post all about the sweater that I miraculously finished with time to spare, before Christmas.  Maybe because I had no intention of this being a Christmas present.  But, much to my surprise, I finished it, and stuck it under the tree for Amy.  

And bless her heart, she really likes it.  The pattern is this, made up in Cotton-Ease, in a color which I forget the name of - terracotta maybe?  It's a little more rust-y than it looks in the picture.  The yarn was nice to work with, the pattern was straight forward, and I didn't screw anything up too badly.  As I mentioned in my last post, this sweater was a huge victory for me.  I learned a lot of technique, and generally increased my proficiency to the point where I no longer feel like knitting is such a vexingly slow process.  

I added a little button found in my button box, and it was just right.  


Well, mostly.  The pattern clearly states that it is a cropped sweater, and I increased the length a bit but probably still could have made it longer.  Oh well.  

New Year's Goals, in the crafting department:  FINISH projects and USE SUPPLIES (aka, fabric and yarn) that I already own.  I have a ton of stuff, and honestly could stay plenty busy all year working just from what I have.  I really need to make a dent and stay thrifty (that being another New Year's goal).  So in progress already this month are: socks (first begun before I was even pregnant with Amy), a hat (probably a few - lots of yarn to use and new techniques I want to learn), an uninspired granny-square crochet afghan, which is up for review, and my cross-stitch projects.  Those all live in my bag downstairs.  Upstairs I am sewing a chair-topper-turned-trip-around-the-world quilt with some much coveted fabrics, finally.  Also nearly finished with the actual cover for the seat of that Goodwill Chair.  

Of course there is never enough time in the day to spend as much time as I'd like on these projects but I'm determined to make time, in some small way, every day.  Because after all, I have just as many hours as anyone else and there are plenty of fabulous ladies out there who do way more than I do in a day and find time for creative projects.  So no excuses. 

Speaking of excuses, I had better go work on something before the day slips away. Thanks for listening to my sewing/knitting mind dump! 


  1. I recognized the pattern right away when I saw A wearing it! Very nice job!