Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chair, Finished


Ta da!  Finally finished re-finishing my Goodwill chair last week.  I moved pretty quickly on this project, by my standards, but got hung up for a bit on the fabric for the seat.  My "vision" involved some sort of patchwork of some of the super-cute fabric I've been hoarding - a chance to showcase something unique on a one-of-a-kind chair for my desk/sewing room.  I couldn't quite get the random-patchwork idea I had in my head onto paper, but decided to do a trip around the world pattern instead, which got me to here: 


And it was cute... but... a little too much.  Maybe too many fabrics, maybe too small a scale, or maybe just too much else going on in the room, but in any case it wasn't working for me.  So I shopped around a bit for something a bit easier on the eyes and finally ended up with this: 


Which is a Moda fabric, from the "Marmalade" line, I think.  Got it from ebay but saw it lots of places.  The background is a touch more creamy than it looks in this picture, but the blue is an almost perfect match to the paint color.  The trendy twist on a traditional pattern and the calm colors ended up being just what I needed. After that was decided, the assembly took all of five minutes.  I had the foam all ready to go, just wrapped two layers of batting (scraps I had on hand) and a layer of white muslin and then the fabric and stapled it all to the underside of the seat, and reattached the screws.  All done! 


Now I'm continuing to play with the little TATW square I started.  That has been one of my favorite quilt patterns since I was a little girl.  I love how one can use so many fabrics, I love the flow of it and how the design starts to pop once it gets big.  I've always wanted to make one.  Sigh.  I'll be limited by the amount of certain fabrics I have for this one, but for now I've worked it out to nearly lap-sized.  Might still be too visually busy, but I'm enjoying the process anyway. 


(See how I started the next project before completing the first one - of course!) 
Anyway, so that's my sewing progress for now.  And in the yarn department, I finished this today: 


Made this same hat for Amy when she was a year old and had so much yarn left that I just had to do another in a bigger size.  It was definitely a quick project, even for a slow knitter.  Two projects complete, and it's only January?  Not a bad start to the year! 

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  1. Love that chair! I've been poking around Salvation Army lately, hoping to find some "new" furniture... maybe I can re-do something to be as cute as yours!!