Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Projects and Sewing Math

Guess what I finished? My little friend is all done. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, though my one big glaring mistake is obvious in this picture.  And there were a number of less obvious mistakes.  But all in all it was good knitting practice, and all the switching between knit/purl and reversing it every five rows must have given me some anti-Alzheimer's points.  This is a kitchen hand towel... that reminds me a bit of drying one's hands on a sweater...  And it did not play well with others on its first trip through the wash and left pinkness all over a number of non-pink articles.  Oops.

Anyway, that's probably enough said about a towel.

Moving on.

These two sets of fabric are on my mind next.  All but the top print are from Children at Play ... I've had these for quite awhile (naturally) and have some vague plan to make coordinating-but-not-matching quilts for Amy and William. They currently share a room and I think it would be really neat to have their beds sort of matching, but yet with each quilt being unique to its owner.  Not sure yet how to make this all work... need more "boy" fabric but can't really find what I want. Tossed around the idea of adding in minky or some other texture, or swatches of baby clothes, etc.  I just don't know.

And then there's this one:

Which actually has moved along just since this picture was taken.  Turns out that if you spend zero time sewing, zero projects get accomplished.  (This is where the sewing math comes in). But even a few minutes of work means that - voila! - stuff gets done!  Who knew.  This little group of strips was a charm pack of "Dream On" by Moda... something like that. I hate being a fabric name dropper, but these projects happen to be my fabric indulgences finally making their way into use... it does make me a bit giddy to be working with such nice fabric and such beautiful colors.  I'll have to write more about this tiny quilt another time, because since I've sewn it all together I'm thinking about slicing it up again and repatching it with some solid white or yellow or something... to make it a bit bigger and space out those pretty prints a bit... hmm...

Anyway, that's my sewing-knitting stream of consciousness for the evening.  It's nice to be working on something. And once I get started I usually can get on a roll.  It's when I haven't sewn anything in awhile that a force field tends to form around my sewing machine and I just can't get back at it.  Now that the force field has been disabled I'm hoping to churn through a few things.

And here's one more picture, just for fun.  William is not asleep here; he'd just woken up for a nap and was being all cozy on Amy's bed.  She was bringing him one stuffed animal and blanket after another and he ended up quite buried.  Lots of giggles.  I particularly like the book (and random comb) by his head.  So this picture could be "Stuff on my Boy". Good times.

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