Thursday, January 31, 2013



So, January has proved to be a rather delinquent blogging month.  I blame Downton Abbey, which Don and I finally caught on to and spent most of our nights together this month catching up on. Holy cow, what a good show.  Now we are all caught up...  and might just need to start watching again from the beginning. 

We have successfully got back in the swing of things here. Amy has been really loving preschool lately.  She still says that she wants to be homeschooled, but I can see how much she enjoys the change of pace her "school" mornings bring.  I have spent a huge amount of mental energy this month thinking over her schooling options for next year.  I could go into all the pros and cons on my mind as a post here but I think I need to let it all gel a bit more, now that I think we've made a decision.  More on that later. 

Today I took her on her class field trip to the local news station to meet the weather man - a short little outing but she had a great time and even appeared (briefly) on the evening news. It was an interesting occasion for me to reflect on our status here.  We've lived here a year now but clearly are far from being locals.  We don't watch the local news.  All the other parents on this trip have known of this weather man practically since their own childhoods.  Just one of those things that make one think about much one does, does not, or can put down roots and make connections when one moves every few years.  Hmm. 

William picked out some new pajamas the other day - he has been beyond excited about them, because they have cars on them.  I don't think it matters that they are Cars with a capital "C"... we haven't watched those movies, but my, this boy does love his cars, of any kind.  Amy has been sporting some tiny braids in her hair for most of the week.   She requested them after bath one night and I obliged, but they turned out really cute and have held up through the baths and sleeping since.  


I'm behind on sewing but my house is pretty clean.  I sorted through a huge stack of recipes torn out of magazines and have filed them into their proper "try me" section of my recipe book.  That was exciting.  I'm on a chair kick, apparently, and have my sights set on purchasing a nice big arm chair for the living room in the near future.  All we have is our couch and the silly $25 thrift store glider bought almost four (really?) years ago and still going strong.  Good pieces and all but could use another place to sit.  

There's more of course but that's about all of my mind I care to dump out tonight.  I'm going to try a challenge to myself for the month of February - to post something here every night if I can, even if it is only one picture or a brief thought.  I seem to have a personal blogging glass ceiling of 4-6 posts per month, and lately I've been getting so hung up on "waiting till I have something good to say" that I need to get my writing flowing again and just get stuff up here.  A number of my blog friends out there seem to be on the same trend; I can't claim this as an entirely original idea.  

So, there.  See you tomorrow, I hope!

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  1. My hubby and I are big Downton fans, too. I think we watched the entire first season in about a week.

    I've been going through all of the same thought processes over school for N next year (along with feelings of being newcomers in town)... I'd be very interested to read your thoughts on that subject!

    Love the Cars pj's! :)