Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break in Review

We are back to school and business as usual after a very lovely spring break week. Everyone has been thriving on the school routine in recent weeks, and I was a little concerned that there would be way too many loose ends and bickering during a bunch of days with the big kids home but happily it was quite the opposite. We had one featured outing each day but otherwise the rest of the time the kids played exceptionally well with each other and spent hours involved in activities that required very little participation from me. C often went along with the older two, and M thankfully kept to his fairly stable school-day nap routine. I still didn't accomplish much of anything outside the normal upkeep, but that seems to be about as good as I get these days. Let's see, how about a picture or two from each day? 

The highlight of our first Saturday was a bowling birthday party to attend. William's classmate, but all the kids attended and participated in one way or the other. Fun time for all! No pictures from that, so instead here is my sweet thumb-sucker: 

Palm Sunday found us at church, and outside a bunch later. C has Daddy wrapped around her finger quite tightly. 

Oh, and I made muffins in one of the new mixing bowls my mommy sent me: 

Mall Monday, as the kids dubbed it, was a ton of fun. Our tiny mall is getting a little pathetic as so many stores have closed, but nevertheless we found shoes at Ross and milled around Joann's, and had a delicious lunch at the Bakery: 

Tuesday was my birthday! This picture was from the day before, but if feel it is how I'll think of myself at 33: 

The day itself took us to the art museum which happened to be free since it was the local student art expo. 

Everybody found that fairly entertaining.  We picked up bagels from another favorite haunt on the way home, and later in the day had a little birthday celebration. The kids were so sweet about the little things they snuck around making for me. We had dinner and cupcakes and it was lovely. Oh, and Don humored me on my birthday request for a typewriter! 


Aaaand it's midnight now, so I'll save the rest of the week for a second installment! Stay tuned! 

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