Friday, March 18, 2016

Many Little Things

So, believe it or not we are down to about 100 days remaining out here on the left coast. That kind if seems like a lot, and yet not at all. Similarly, this boy will be four months old on Sunday 

And while he's still quite a little fellow, four months is a good chunk of time. I realized the other day that we arrived out here with a seven month old, and we will be leaving here with a seven month old. That helps put into perspective where all the time has gone, realizing that yes, just about all of my time here has been spent in the realm of the rinse-repeat baby-toddler days. Of course that's not all we've been doing either - there are now also the concerns of the older two which keep it all quite dynamic: Violin, multiplication tables, friends, school, kisses (oh, help me!), reading, swimming, growing. The days seem tremendously busy, and yet I often can't cross anything off my list, nor remember precisely what I've done by the end of it. 

But all that said there are so many profound moments these days that I wish I could have my blog plugged directly into my head. By the time I get a chance to write I am feeling very dull. Much easier to think lovely thoughts when one's hands are full. 

With our time remaining out here now very short, I also find myself focusing more on the things we will be leaving behind. This has been a place unlike any I've been before; I feel almost as if we've been abroad for two years, especially since our next move will take us "home" and I feel sometimes that it all will seem like a dream. I've been toying with the idea of some sort of blog series, pictures to represent the distinct memories of our time here. I also want to write more about the kids, to make sure I'm not letting things slip through the cracks. 

All of this is a long and rambling way of saying I hope to be back here more in the weeks to come, even though I expect that things will only get busier as we get closer to our move. Hold me to it! 

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