Monday, March 7, 2016

Busy Boy

This boy rolled over for the first time today, front to back, right on schedule. And then just to show off he rolled the other way, too, right from his back onto his belly and up on his elbows. This picture is actually from yesterday, before he did any of that. I've said it before, I know I have, about how remarkable it is the way babies (and children all the way along) seem to master a new skill so suddenly. One day they can't and the next day they do. I love watching it all unfold. 


  1. He is so so so precious :) And it doesn't seem like he should be old enough to roll over yet!! But then again, this year is flying by for me... as I'm sure it is for you, too. Hope you are enjoying it; he is just beautiful!!

    1. Aww thanks! Yes the year sure is flying! I can hardly believe it, but it is all wonderful :)