Saturday, January 24, 2015


Caroline and I had the most wonderful time this past Thursday. Her mood was so delightful all day that at the end it seemed like a really satisfying day, though I don't think I got much of anything done.  A and W were both at school in the morning, and C and I spent nearly the whole time in the kitchen. I tidied up, and she played ON the small yellow table that recently re-entered the kitchen after being sequestered in the garage to make room for the Christmas tree. 

First there was a snack on the windowsill... 

Then she got down to take all the seltzer cans out of their box and put each onto the table, then one by one she lined them up on the windowsill... 

And then she got really excited about stacking them up - she did three high all by herself! 

Babies are so marvelous, because the purest joy is found in the most simple accomplishments. 

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