Monday, January 26, 2015

Three and Four

Sorry if the project posts get boring, but I'm on such a rare roll, and sharing/organizing my creative plans here helps so much with keeping that roll going. So, briefly, I present: 

Finished vest! Would link to the pattern but I'm posting from my phone and not cool enough to know how to do that from here. But it was super quick and easy. You've probably seen this yarn before, it was a huge skein and has already been made into two hats, this vest, and I still have some left. Size 10 needles. Zip zip. Too bad it turned out a touch small for C, but was terribly fun for practice anyway. I think I'll just hang it on the wall or something and make it again a size bigger. I didn't even go out to buy buttons for it, and found these two silly turtles in my button box! Score. 

I followed up that project with this one: 

A misfit skein of yarn tried to be a hat, and a cowl (twice) but failed so eventually I just crocheted round and round and now it is a basket. Shown holding another misfit project, which I will tell more about whenever I get around to posting about those quilting projects in the queue. 

Next up, must finish the socks or know the reason why. Stay tuned! 

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