Saturday, January 10, 2015

Three Quick Takes

A, the toothless wonder. Thank goodness she insists on pulling her own teeth when they are ready. Today was number 5. I don't have the stomach for it. She also read the entire first Harry Potter book herself, and we watched the movie tonight to celebrate. 

W, my baking buddy. We finished all the Christmas cookies, so yesterday we made a round of chocolate chip. He is sporting the apron I made him for Christmas. 

C, who absolutely loves playing outside, no matter how wet it is. Making these waterproof pants from LL Bean the best money I've spent yet this season. 

Okay, one more: 

This cuteness didn't last long. I spent most of the (brief) trip through the grocery store listening to, "Mommy, Caroline is squashing me!" Yup, number three is the one who won't sit still in the shopping cart. 

Happy weekend, folks!

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