Sunday, January 18, 2015

15 for 2015

So, thanks to a good friend who got me all inspired for some new year's knitting, I am on a serious roll in the crafty world right now. I've been sorting out my stashes of both fabric and yarn, but let's just talk about yarn for this post. 

First off, to the tune of Let It Go, please, here is all the yarn I will not be using, and actually took straight to Goodwill: 

Orphaned skeins that were either from a project already completed, or things too annoying to work with, or just uninspired. Bye bye. 

Next, the most expensive yarn in my collection: some Plymouth Baby Alpaca bought a couple years ago for $15...gasp! I never buy expensive yarn, and I've been feeling guilty about it just sitting on my shelf, as soft and lovely as it is. So I grabbed a big hook and found a simple pattern and ta-da! One project done:

Dorky picture, not the right sweater. Moving on.  

Another quick one to finish, because it was actually mostly done, was this funny little yarn-wrapped mobile made from embroidery hoops. An idea I fell in love with from a magazine. Kinda weird, but it used leftover yarn and appeals to my love of colors. 

Numbers 3 and 4 are in progress currently.  I started knitting a pair of socks before I was expecting Amy... Um, 8 years ago.  I had completed most of one sock, but it was a little off and it was out of my head for the longest time.  No longer! I ripped out what I didn't like and reknit it correctly and finished one whole sock and started on the next. 

I have another 2 skeins of this same lovely yarn in another color, so I'm hoping to work through that, too, maybe trying another style. But I need to finish one pair first. That project moved to the back burner when my friend showed me a cute and really simple pattern for a sweater vest, similar in style to the blue sweater I made for Amy's birthday. I called in another yarn on hand and now that one is almost done... Much farther than this picture, actually, but it gives the idea. 

And this is what the rest of my on-hand yarn looks like, to go with the list of projects above: 

This list seems like a reasonable goal for the year, given that at some time I'll get distracted and lose my momentum.  Or maybe I won't and I'll keep plowing through like I've been doing (which has been so wonderful!) and maybe even earn the purchase of some brand-new, really nice yarn. But for now I'm trying to hold fast to my New Year's intention to work through as much as I can of my supplies on hand. Stay tuned for a similar run-down on some quilting and sewing goals next time! Happy weekend! 

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