Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goodwill Goodness


Yesterday I had three big boxes of clothes and things to take to Goodwill, and after we dropped off our goodies we decided to take a spin through the store.  I'm glad we did, because we sure found some bargains.  Grabbed this set of four copper (-like) molds which are now parading across the top of my stove and making me smile.  William found a small orange "suitcase" which made him happy, but after we got home we discovered a whole spirograph set inside - fun! 

Then for $4.50 I picked up this chair 


which is ugly of course but really sturdy and made here in SC.  I can't wait to paint it and recover the seat and have a cute new desk chair up in the sewing/playroom. 

Lastly Miss Amy found perhaps the best deal of all - a beautiful porcelain doll for $3.93.  Her clothes were lovely and her face adorable.  We gave her a good bath and some comfy clothes while hers got washed.  Amy named her Lucy, the name of Emily's dolly in the Little Bear books. 


Might have to make Goodwill a more regular haunt... not that we need more stuff... but if a mere $12 satisfies the shopping urges for this shopper and her two sidekicks, then that's a pretty economical outing. 

And one more little thing, if you'll indulge me.  Today we stayed home.  It was cold and dreary and we had no where to be so we happily played trains and cleaned all day. I finally got to a very small project I've had in mind for awhile: 


Ditched the deteriorating cardboard boxes holding the 24-piece puzzles, taped each picture to a bag and in they go.  Much space saved, very happy. 

Next up: going to get paint for the chair... feeling very inspired!  

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