Wednesday, November 7, 2012


How did this one-day-old baby girl


suddenly become this beautiful girl, celebrating her 5th birthday yesterday? 

I remember her third birthday, thinking in particular that Three was such a big-girl age, and how grown up she was getting...


But now she looks pretty little there - and who is that baby on the rug?  Oh my! 


The time goes really fast... and yet also, five years seems like pretty much my whole life right now. That picture of Amy as a newborn?  Might as well have been a hundred years ago.  But I can remember it like yesterday.  That's the funny thing about time when you're a parent.  

Our Amy is a pretty amazing girl, with interests ranging from Legos to dinosaurs to baby dolls to Star Wars and quite a few things in between.  She is (mostly) kind and helpful to her little brother and (usually) great company to me.  She can't stop talking at home, yet her preschool teacher reports on how quiet she is in class.  She can read (a good deal) and write (not well) and draw (just about anything). I want to be just like her when I grow up. 

And so to wrap up, here are a few more quick pictures - Don and I, celebrating five years on this amazing parenthood journey together, the Star Wars cookies I've made for Amy's class, and a cute pic from a few months ago that I found on my phone tonight.  Amy is a Daddy's girl for sure. 

(Oh - by the way, I made the cake and frosting myself but had ordered this cool frosting-paper-image of Star Wars from a party supplier found on ebay - it worked out really well!) 


My computer battery is about to give out... rather than find a plug I think I shall sign off.  Happy 5th Birthday to my wonderful girl!! 

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