Friday, November 2, 2012



We all have had a cough for... well, kind of a long time here.  William got over his.  Don's came and went, then came back again.  I was in great shape until this week.  Amy's lingered... and she was coughing violently enough the other night for me to make her a doctor appointment.  

She was such a trooper - now that she is about to turn five I see her making a conscious effort to act like a big girl in as many situations as she can muster.  She considered having a meltdown about a visit to the clinic but quickly decided that she was old enough to be brave. Four different people listened to her chest, and with her oxygen readings a little too low, she was sent for a chest x-ray.  I thought that was a bit extreme, but the doc said he's seen a bunch of little kids with pneumonia lately and didn't want to take the chance. She cooperated nicely for the x-ray, loved seeing her insides on the computer screen, and happily, did not have pneumonia. The rest of our two-hour visit at the clinic included the breathing treatment pictured above (she loved that it made her voice sound like Darth Vader), a bonus quick exam for me and my cough, and a large brown bag of prescriptions for us both - inhalers and antibiotics and steroids, oh my! 

So that was fun. But no worries, we are all good.  Amy's been feeling totally fine all through this cough thing, and was still up for her usual Friday dance/gymnastics class, and lunch at Chick-fil-A afterwards. 

And I must not leave out William - he, too, was a huge trooper through a long morning. Best part of his day was the playground at Chick-fil-A.  When you are not quite two and a half, it is a pretty huge accomplishment to get ALL the way up into the car at the top of that playground.  I am really not a big fan of these small kid-infested play areas, but CFA's is pretty clean, and the kids do have some serious fun in there.    


Feeling grateful for good doctors, good meds, good teachers, good fun, and a good movie (Mary Poppins) shared with my little munchkins tonight to cap off a good day. 

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