Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sewing Progress and Playroom Thoughts


Look at what is finally coming together! Dorothy is off to a promising start, I am happy to report. I've probably said this on my blog a hundred times already but I REALLY love sewing. And that fact always kinda surprises me, because somehow sewing projects are constantly at the bottom of my list - I want to but  feel I couldn't possibly start something until the bathrooms are cleaned/the laundry is done/the kids stop bugging me, etc.  But once I just jump into a project, I love it so much that I question why I don't just make it a higher priority in my day, for goodness sake.  Anyway. 

Hey, remember those extremely cool bookshelves I whipped up (with Don's help) in the playroom?  Well, they looked great, and the thriftiness of the idea is awesome... but... in practice they didn't quite work out.  There were a few installation things I would change if I were doing them again, but mostly, the flexible nature of the gutters allowed the books to do some impressive forward flips off the shelf if anybody besides me set them in the ledge and tilted them precisely toward the wall.  So therefore, no one put the books away, and after a few nights of stories the daybed where we sit to read would look something like this: 


So... I unscrewed the shelves, tucked them away to try/modify another time, and brought the trusty yellow bookshelf back out of the closet and returned it to its former location.  I am much happier now.  So is the yellow shelf. 

After putting away the books and tidying up a bit I realized that my next home dec efforts really need to happen in this room.  Did I post here about the other changes in this room lately?  I can't remember and it's 11:15 pm so I'm not going to go back and look now... but the short version is that now my desk is up here, too.  We moved the extra tv and its cabinet to the garage and now my desk is opposite the daybed.  I still have my sewing table in the other corner, and generally this room works quite well as mommy-and-kiddos' playroom.   However, as functional as it all is, there is a serious lack of cohesive decorating.  I have some incredibly cute fabric that I think I might patch together for some quilted cases for these huge pillows, as well as for a new cover for the cute but sorta "dated" (I hate that word) tulip pillow in the rocking chair.  And, I think a new cover for the daybed is in order as well.  Maybe I'll even recover my sewing chair.  I've got ideas, people. 

So consider this a "before" post - hopefully I'll have some good progress to report on sooner rather than later, both for the costume and this room in general. 

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