Saturday, October 27, 2012

Costumes Complete

Ta da! Both kids had complete costumes in time not just for Halloween but for our neighbors' party yesterday - go me!  Dorothy's dress turned out quite nicely and most importantly, Amy was happy with it.  I even made her a petticoat, ribbons for her hair, and put some makeup on her.  Toto came from Target.  William's costume might be a bit harder to guess... especially with his blue shark boots and the too-small knitted cap that he insisted on wearing, as part of his Han Solo get-up.  Don figured out how to make a holster from an old belt and our pruning shears case, and I glued a red ribbon up the seam of an old pair of pants, bought the white shirt, and sewed the little black vest.  His costume truly came together at the last minute, as I was so focused on the sewing effort of Dorothy that I kind of overlooked making anything for my poor boy who spends much of his day pretending to be Han. 

So... success!  This past week went by so fast.  We had an awesome weekend last, away with friends at Myrtle Beach.  I have lots of thoughts big and small to share about that, and some pictures too, and hope to get to it all before it's old news.  But for now I'm writing on borrowed time and need to get Dorothy and Han to bed.  Hope your weekend is delightful! 


  1. Well done, Susan! They're adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh.... adorable!!! Great costumes and beautiful children. :)