Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One of Those Posts

I think I have some sort of blogging glass-ceiling problem.  Just when I think I'm doing well with a steady posting frequency something happens and suddenly two weeks go by without writing.

My excuse this time is that I have moved my desk.

And approximately 5 other small pieces of furniture in the house.

And I've rehung a lot of pictures.  Need to spackle.

It is all very exciting.  But that means that my little camera-card-reader-doo-hickey is in the desk drawer.  Upstairs.  I am downstairs.  I've moved my workstation but I can't seem to move my habit, so I keep finding myself with my computer on my lap on the couch, and cozy as that may be, it is not terribly productive.

Allergies are hitting something fierce right now.  Is it ragweed?  That's what I hear... Ug.

Amy is in some sort of almost-five-year-old stage of being afraid of the dark... and just about everything else.  It is always hard to know with her how much is genuine and how much is a ploy for attention.  Either way, we've had some unpleasant middle-of-the-night crying sessions that are leaving me a bit tired.  How did I ever manage when being awake in the middle of the night was a regular occurrence?

William is easy, by comparison.  He got a stuffed hedgehog puppet the other day which he just loves.  He also likes to wear this old, faded pink plastic garden pot (clean) on his head as a hat.  It fits perfectly.  He likes to walk around the house very seriously with his hat and his hedgehog.

I have fallen behind in the sewing department lately.  Seems to be October already, which means a very finite number of days to complete (or, ah, start) Amy's Dorothy costume before Halloween.  I also have a quilt that needs a few extra rows, and a whole heap of other inspirations I'd like to be acting on but just haven't gotten around to.

My thought with moving my desk upstairs to the sewing/playroom was that it would be more conducive to my doing some work in the morning before the kids get up - either taking care of my computer chores like paying bills (writing posts!) or trying to generate some creative momentum to (gasp) start an Etsy shop or write some stories or just make things for my own enjoyment... ANY of it would be a welcome addition to my day.

Problem is of course, waking up early when I am oh-so-fond of staying up late.  Hmmm.

Think I need to give my blog a makeover, too.  I don't really know how to do that.

I really like this post - and need to reorient myself to that mode of accomplishment.  I've been flying by the seat of my pants a bit too much lately.  Need a good list.

Oh, speaking of creative, I am going to a painting "class" with a friend tomorrow night.  I am very excited, hope it lives up to expectations.

Aaannnd I think that's about all I've got for tonight. Will procure card reader and unload pictures tomorrow... hopefully will have something better to show for myself. Till then!

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