Monday, March 19, 2012

No-Wedgie Zone

Falling into the short-and-sweet-sewing-victories category is the transformation of 4 pairs of Amy's leggings into shorts for the warmer months ahead. She's such a skinny little Bean that these leggings have been the best fitting pants lately. They are worn enough and were getting short enough that they would not be fit for duty by the time it gets cold again, so I decided to whack them all off at the knees and turn them into shorts. Sewing with knits always makes me a little nervous but is never as big a deal as I think it will be. I did manage to find my ballpoint needles for the machine but otherwise just turned under the cut edge once and zig-zagged around from the inside. It worked out beautifully, and Amy can be seen modeling the black pair in the next photo, in true Wilson-Crossett fashion; holding a book in front of her face.

With these little pant-lets as an under-dress option for the summer, we are hoping to avoid Amy's latest displeasure: the almighty wedgie. Those little skorts and scooters that were so cute on her as a toddler are simply uncomfortable now, but a girl still has to have some sort of coverage, you know? Anyway, we are both pleased.

In a completely unrelated note, I simply have to tell about another kitchen addition, or rather, replacement:

That black pot in back has been around since before we were married, and has been one of my best all-purpose pots, particularly because of its strain-and-drain feature. You know how hard it has been to find that same style and size of pot? I've been on the mission to replace it (it was cheap, all the non-stick is chipping off the inside) for at least a year. Finally, finally, good old Walmart came through for me, with a stainless steel one, no less, for a perfectly reasonable $25. Hurray!

Okay, enough about all that. Some fabric I've been needing to complete a quilt just arrived in the mail today and I'm going to see about moving that project along. Have a good one, folks!

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