Friday, March 30, 2012

Busy Fingers

I'm light on blog entries this month but I have actually been quite busy in the crafty/sewing world. And it has ALL been with materials on hand (otherwise known as fabric/yarn I impulsively indulged on years ago but now can feeling thrifty and smug about using because it was already "in my stash"). Right.

Anyway, can't go into a whole lot of details, because most of my current projects are gifts (except this one below, which Amy fell in love with and claimed for her own). More on all the particulars at a later date.

But as always, when I actually get down to sewing, or crocheting, or knitting or any of it I am simply so happy and I have been feeling really good in the last few weeks for actually churning through some projects, rather than just always thinking about them or making excuses about my lack of time, etc. Progress, productivity - a couple of my favorite "p" words.

I also happen to be reading quite a bit these days, too (and staying up way too late doing so). On my current list:

Dewey - which I am reading parts of aloud to Amy, and we are both enjoying.

Some French perspective - come to think of it, perspective is another favorite P word.

Lots of material on homeschooling, like this and this and this. Amy is not old enough for kindergarten this fall anyway, so I'm just collecting input right now.... this subject is on my mind a lot though.

And even though Don has been gone for a few weeks and I have had some twitchy moments in the last few days when I kinda want to run screaming out of the house, it has mostly been really good around here. The kids and I are in a very happy little routine, they are becoming more independent and fun with every passing day, and the weather here is just so gorgeous it is hard to feel twitchy for very long.

Life is good. I'll keep plugging away at those P's and report back here soon. Happy Weekend!

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