Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday... Humphrey!

Yes, I am writing an entire post about a cat's birthday.

It all started because I actually know both Humphrey and Ollie's exact birthdays, and today was Humphrey's. This information was mentioned casually to Amy this morning and she was off and running. She wrote the above sign (with help only for spelling), and made Humphrey a birthday hat.

My mom tried to get Humphrey to pose with the hat which went about as well as one could expect, so we settled for putting it on his tail.

Amy insisted on making a cake. Since my parents are here and Don is home and there would be plenty of people to eat it, I couldn't refuse.

This was also a good chance to try the easy yellow-cake recipe I found after declaring that I would never buy a box of cake mix again. It was absolutely terrific and validated my decision to avoid fake-cake whenever possible.

We all sang to Humphrey, then ate his cake. Humphrey was no where to be found at the time, but Amy did leave him a small piece in his dish.

Happy Birthday, furry one!

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