Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today's Numbers, III

5 days, at least, that I've been wanting to write this post, each day with a different set of "numbers" in mind.

6 months, it seems, is about when I get in the notion to account for my days this way.

$5.99 to replace the SD card reader that must have fallen out of my camera bag.

0 pictures to share until the new one arrives (thank goodness for free

2-day shipping from Amazon.)

90 minutes just spent entering receipts and paying bills and feeling broke leaving me with

1/10 of the interest in blogging I had earlier tonight.

98 degrees, give or take, is just too hot, and

82 degrees does not make for a helpful overnight low.

Infinitely thankful for air conditioning and ceiling fans.

3 not-so-little kittens have still not been adopted... Would having

5 cats qualify me as a crazy cat lady?

7 days left to enjoy them before we head north for

2 days in Baltimore Inner Harbor (yay!) and

1 week visiting family before Don reports for OCS for the following

17 weeks. That's

119 days. But who's counting?

$160 per month that we will be saving by not sending Amy to preschool this fall, despite a

$70 non-refundable deposit. Money was not the reason for this decision, but some savings is good considering in the last week alone we've spent

$653 at the vet for checkups, shots, etc, for our two resident cats and

$236 to replace the windshield on our

14-year-old Explorer because someone found out the hard way that a

10 foot kayak does not fit in an

8 foot vehicle. All of which makes spending

50 bucks on this fabric seem like a drop in the bucket - whee!

(Did I mention I've spent the rest of this evening on financial matters?)

4 weeks for William and I to finally get over our mystery summer cough.

9:00 am date with Amy at the park today in order to beat the heat.

Plenty more to share about my sweet kids and the fun we've all been having with Don on leave, but that is better with pictures, so since it is now after

10 o'clock I will wrap this up and say goodnight!

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