Wednesday, July 6, 2011

House Guests, or, Why I'm Not Sewing

So, I know I mentioned recently how the kids and I have been in the habit of going to Petco. This has not been fueled only by Amy's dog obsession, but also by the fun the kids and I have visiting the (many) kittens available for adoption each weekend. Well, long story short, last Saturday I got talked into fostering a litter of kittens. I know, I'm crazy. But according to my mom, I'll only have the energy for this sort of shenanigans for a certain amount of time, so I might as well jump right in while I do. And we certainly do have a lot on our plates in the next few months, so I am praying that these darlings go to permanent homes quickly. But in the meantime, we are all soaking up some serious kitten cuteness.

These three brothers were from a litter of five; their sisters have already been adopted. They are about 4 months old, I believe - bigger than that itty-bitty puffballs, but still quite small. And they are such good boys. I started them out in my sewing room with some gates up across the door, and over the last few days have been letting them come and go as they please, but mostly they are happy to just hang out and play and nap together in their little cozy hideout. Juliett and Ollie have been tolerating the intrusion reasonably well, and for the most part they all stay out of each other's way.

Now, for introductions. Incidentally, I'm not really crazy about their names, and if they were here to stay I'd probably change them... but no sense in confusing them right now. Anyway.

This is Humphrey (on the left). He is definitely the most forward of the three. They are all very social and friendly, but he is the only one who has ventured downstairs, and he is the only one who has uttered a single meow. He tolerates being picked up (over and over) by Amy, and never tires of chasing the feather wand.

Next up is Garfield, who is an exceptionally handsome cat - a perfect orange tabby with huge ears and a very long tail. He is ever so slightly more aloof than his brothers, and seems a bit more "grown up". Despite his confidence, however, he has been terrorized twice by Juliett and usually ends up under something whenever the older cats are around.

And last is Harley. Also very handsome and dignified. Usually hangs back a bit when the kids are around, but definitely gets in on his share of the play and affection, just not in the impish way of his brother Humphrey. I think he has the makings of a lap-kitty. All three are purring machines and are always up for some lovin'.

And the kids are doing marvelously with them, I must say. Amy likes to pick them up more than anything, which I try to discourage, but they are quite patient with her. And William simply loves to walk (!) around with the feather wand in hand saying "kit-tee! kit-tee!" And they follow him up and down the hall, expertly dodging his toddling footsteps.

Yes, I know I'm in danger of becoming a crazy cat lady, but I promise, this is only temporary! It's awfully tempting to want to keep them, but five cats is just not sane for our place in life right now. As a foster family we are responsible for bringing them back to Petco for a few hours each weekend for their adoption events, so pray that they find good homes quickly. They are such sweet little souls and deserve to get settled someplace for keeps.

I realize that my readership is not very large, but if anyone is out there in SoMD and looking for a cat check out this group for Harley, Humphrey, Garfield, and all their friends. Thanks!

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