Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's Numbers, II

6 months, almost, since my original numbers post, and a fitting day to do it again:

1/4 loaf remaining of the banana bread I baked just a mere

5 hours ago.

0 meltdowns from Amy today - a good day!

130 minutes William spent napping, which is also known as

2 too-short naps.

7 o'clock this evening, and he was out.

3 weeks, 2 days until my parents come to visit (yay!).

2,500 pictures taken by me between age

10 and age 21, which have been reduced to about

700, and fit nicely into

1 box, generating

8 empty albums.

6 more albums up for review.

4 evenings, at least, and

7 lines of this post that have been devoted to this picture-sorting project so far...

2 bathrooms cleaned this morning, with Amy's help.

5 HUGE bags of clothes outgoing from the master closet along with

1 box of books and

a whole bunch of other stuff that we are releasing in an attempt to further simplify...

20" - depth of unsorted miscellanea on the sewing room floor, accounting for the

0 sewing projects worked on since Christmas.

12 days left in January to complete all sorting and decluttering projects so that on

2/01/11 I can jump back into something creative.

9 (estimated) other witty tidbits that will pop into my head as soon as I hit "publish".

4.5 hours until William will be waking up for his midnight snack, so I had better type

1 more line and then move on to something else for the evening before I'm needed again!

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