Thursday, July 28, 2011


We're going on two whole weeks of wonderful summer "vacation" here. Don finished work at the Station and we will soon be heading north to start this OCS thing, but right now we are in a wonderfully long stretch of time of being home (mostly) and together (always).

The weather has gone from breezy and delightful to oppressively hot and muggy to pleasantly warm and not-quite-so-muggy. Reminds me of all those summers spent in South Carolina, and adds to the vacation-y feeling.

We took a short road trip to visit some friends last week. It was awesome to watch Amy playing off on her own with her little buddies. She needs more of that.

Our visit was capped off with a morning fishing at the prettiest lake I've seen since those summers that we visited my great- aunt and uncle's cabin in New Hampshire.

And back home we've just been playing, shopping, cleaning, organizing, swimming and otherwise enjoying this summertime.

AND we finished another puzzle, no thanks to all five cats being on hand to "help".

There's a bit more of this to enjoy before our next big thing starts, and I'm loving every minute of it.

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