Monday, June 27, 2011

The Garden

Today's photo credits once again go to Amy. All the shots in this post are totally by her, except for the canna lily at the end, and the sunflower banner. (Thought I'd warm up the blog a bit for summer.)
Our garden is doing quite well this year! Last year was a little disappointing, for reasons I don't really recall, but this year our small yard once again has that cozy, green, tropical feel. The grass has finally won out over the dandelions and so far we haven't had too many pest problems on the veggies. We had several very dry weeks in late May and early June, but lately precipitation has been just about right.

Of course, the first sunflower to bloom was NOT one of the ones I planted, but a volunteer. It is taller than me and is currently bent with the weight of a lot of seeds - I saw a goldfinch pair there today. Amy and I also planted some cutting mix of sunflowers in the same bed, and those are all quite tall and just about to bloom. Behind them are the canna lilies once again, thriving.

It is occurring to me as I write this that some more illustrative pictures would go nicely with all this pithy explanation, but I don't have any of those right now... I just have the three-year-old perspective pictures. But I think I like those better anyway.

We have three tomato plants - 2 cherry somethings and one "purple cherokee" - both heirloom varieties that I successfully started from seed! I do wish I'd started them about 3 weeks earlier; they would have been fine.

Early in the season we also dug in some grocery store potatoes that had started to sprout. They grew like crazy and threatened to take over the garden so I took them out and have since planted some beans (which are surprising me, since this picture was taken, with their runners - I need a trellis)... And Amy wanted to plant radishes and carrots, too. I have also recently put in some cucumbers. I know how fast they'll grow in this heat, and with a growing season that extends well into the fall here there should be plenty of time for them yet.

It seems the little photographer snuck in a self-portrait.

I was questioning whether I took this picture and just didn't remember (I was using the camera that night, too). But the angle is right for her little arms, and I know she took it because she's actually looking at the lens - she never looks at me if I'm trying to take her picture. Mr. William was of course in on the fun as well.

The astilbes did very well again this year; they are just finishing up blooming. And we planted morning glories everywhere, though are still awaiting their flowers. More pictures of all of this as the season progresses!

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