Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meet Ollie

Well, my friend Tara wore me down and convinced me that, yes, Juliett really did need a little brother. One of her mom's cats had a litter of kittens this spring and this little guy was the only one left un-adopted, four months later. Amy and I spent this past week in Connecticut with my family, and during that time Tara and her family brought Ollie back with them from Pennsylvania. She spent several evenings at our house letting Juliett and Ollie get to know each other while Ollie stayed with them for the week. When we returned on Friday Ollie officially came home to stay.

I am pleased to report that the two cats have been getting along better than I expected. Juliett has done more than her share of hissing and spitting and occasionally growling when Ollie is around but still goes about her usual routine and doesn't seem to hold any of it against me. Happy-go-lucky Ollie is rather unfazed by Juliett's hostility and just keeps following his big sis' around anyway, thinking this is all quite a fun game. Today he seems to be wearing her down, and Juliett appears slightly amused with this tiny little upstart, despite herself. Ollie is a real sweetie with a loud purr and is happy to sleep on a lap or play with anything that moves. The biggest challenge so far has been trying to keep each from eating the other's food.

Oh, and a happy little footnote to all of this is that Don returned from his five weeks in Charleston on Friday as well. So here we are, one big happy, furry family!