Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Projects, Large and Small

Well, it seems I have gone from fabric-purchase to quilt-start in near-record time. Over the weekend I decided on a design for Amy's big-girl-bed quilt and cut up all 16 fat quarters of the Colors. I stayed up way too late on Sunday night laying them all out, with Juliett giving her input whenever she felt necessary. I'm very pleased with how this project is shaping up so far. This will be the biggest quilt I've ever attempted, but the pieces are fairly large so I don't think it will take much longer to piece than average. However, with feline help it always takes a bit longer...

Amy and I took a quick field trip to Joann Fabrics on Monday because I had coupons and not a whole lot else to do on that particular morning. Came away with a few much-needed notions as well as two very cuddly pieces of... fleece? fur? furry fleece? Anyway, some very soft and very discounted items from the remnants pile. One of which I have already(!) whipped up into a quick little blanket for Amy to snuggle with. I could not resist this fabric simply for its cozy, furry, GREEN-ness. It really doesn't match anything Amy already has, nor would it necessarily be a color I would pick if choosing from a whole rainbow of fuzzy fabric. But it is very Amy. So now she has yet another pint-sized blanket.

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