Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girl After My Own Heart

This was one very serious and very sweaty girl, just home from a long walk (the better part of half a mile, all on her own two little legs), during which she assembled the following collection:

Missing from this picture are the house keys, which she is in charge of these days, and a piece of "mail" (magazine insert card), unknowingly dropped somewhere along the path.

Amy usually hops back in the stroller for the walk home from the park but today she ran ahead on her own. She was intent on picking up every little bit of nature debris we came across, all while trying not to drop what she was already holding. She clutched everything in her hands, which she kept behind her back while trotting along. I thought she surely would tire before we made it back to the house, but she kept up the pace the entire way. Needless to say she fell asleep very easily tonight.

In an unrelated note, I wanted to share a shot of a recent quickie project that doesn't quite merit its own post but I'm fairly proud of all the same:

This yellow t-shirt of Amy's was the victim of the great McDonald's Chocolate Milk Mishap while we were enroute to South Carolina in July, and the stains would not come out. However, a little fabric paint has made it better-than-new. I haven't painted an article of clothing since I was somewhere around 8 years old, but I am quite pleased with how this turned out. The roundness of the petals came from a foam stencil brush but otherwise the flowers are freehand and my own design.

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