Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Night Mind Dump

First, I have to issue a disclaimer: I am fully aware that I am going to sound like a crazy cat lady for how worked up I have been over this issue. Kindly allow me to vent without passing harsh judgment. Thank you.

So we adopted sweet little Ollie last Friday, and over those first 5 or 6 days it seemed like everything was going quite well with the Juliett-Ollie relations. Then somewhere around Thursday I found myself saying "Where is Juliett?" several times during the day. She is ALWAYS underfoot, and yet suddenly she was sleeping the day away under the bed, behind the crib, in the closet. By Saturday she didn't even want to leave the garage, and was finding more weirdo hiding places than I ever knew existed in our fairly tidy garage. And she wasn't eating or drinking. Great.

I fully realize that it is perfectly reasonable for a cat to feel under the weather, and that when cats do not feel well, they hide. But I spent the better part of the weekend worrying and fretting and stewing over this, thinking that perhaps she had just fallen into a deep depression realizing that the little interloper is here to stay, or that she was hiding because she was tired of being chased. I just wanted my sweet, companionable Juliett back and was so worried that I had made a bad decision in adopting Ollie.

I write all this in the past tense because, thankfully, Juliett seems to have turned the corner. I forced her out of the garage this afternoon because it was getting too hot and stuffy and brought her out in the backyard for some fresh air. I got her to eat some treats, and some "real" tuna, and she seemed to relax a bit. She even chased a lizard. After coming back into the house she actually stayed around for the first time in days. Ate a few crunchies, drank a little water, slept on my quilt, hissed at Ollie. Now she is curled up on the couch and while she is clearly still not feeling well, I am feeling a little better now that she is at least behaving a bit more like herself. Hoping that it is all on the up-and-up from here.

A few quick other thoughts for the evening: Amy was a good girl, all weekend. What a pal. Ollie is clearly feeling MUCH better after being treated for worms and put on antibiotics for his little respiratory infection. Now he just PLAYS all day long; it's too cute (and a little exhausting). With Don working all weekend I've had some time to sit around and muse on the sewing projects I have in the works. Ordered batting for Amy's quilt. Finished squaring up the blocks I'd completed AGES ago and bought border/backing fabric for that quilt. Contemplating Christmas projects and some doll clothes for Amy's babies. Need to get back to crocheting. Overall feeling fairly inspired.

So, that's my weekend in a nutshell. More journal-y than I like to be here but I needed the outlet!


  1. I'm so glad Juliett is a feeling a little bit better! I think it's a good sign that she hissed at Ollie. :) She is the boss, after all!

  2. How would you have felt if you were a happy little girl, then all the sudden Mom and Dad brought home a little baby broth---oh right.
    Least she is over it! :-)
    Love you dear!