Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I am not doing well as a photographer these days, which has partly contributed to my spotty blogging. My four favorite subjects are elusive, or goofy-faced, or become obsessed with my phone the moment it appears before them. There is lots of pretty going on in the outside world but I've done a poor job of documenting anything floral or springy. But I did rustle up these four pictures taken in the last week, just as a very meager way of saying hi and checking in.

My parents came to visit and brought us a lovely new box of chalk; Amy relished their unused perfection before they were scattered. 

I took my big boy out for a solo date to shop for some birthday party supplies, and we picked up pizza for all on the way home. He was being so sweet; I had to take a stealthy backhanded picture at a stop sign. 

We went to Walmart for other things, but C came home with some awesome bicycle accessories: pink streamers, a basket with light-up flowers, and a bell. She's pretty pleased with it all. 

This guy is SO extra super cute these days, and so earnestly verbal. I wish I could take snapshots with my eyeballs when he's playing with me and explaining something very close to my face. But all the pictures I have of him lately are of him sleeping or running away.  Anything else would result in an instant phone grab, or tantrum. 

I do so love my four little Pokemon.

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