Friday, February 10, 2017

2.10 Can't Pick Just One

Fabulous day today, snow day #2. So many silly and awesome moments found on my phone. 

Big kids are into singing the National Anthem lately. Thought I'd seize the moment to make sure they knew all the right words. 

Played downstairs again alllll morning. Made a big mess. But I sewed a Practical Bag! 

Been wanting to do that one for ages. Bliss! 

I don't think they realized they had dressed alike.  

Found a ton of fabulous black and white selfies on the phone later, along with lots of toe pictures. 

Made playdoh yesterday. Made dinosaurs today. 

And of course we got outside for a nice long time in the afternoon to shovel and sled and play in the strengthening February sun. I am so grateful for today. 

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