Monday, January 9, 2017

Snow Far This Year

Finally, finally these kids are learning what snow is all about. Turns out we have the best sledding hill, ever, right alongside our house. When I was growing up we had to drive across town to our elementary school for a hill this good. We had enough snow to delay school on Friday (when I took most of these pictures) and then the most perfect, all-day snowstorm on Saturday which sifted about eight inches of perfect powder on top of that. Frigid cold has kept sledding conditions ideal and everything quite beautiful - I wish it would stay like this all winter. 

We had one icy morning in South Carolina, but besides that the last time we experienced a real snow before this season was in Maryland, in early 2011. Amy was 3 and William 6 months. It's been a delight to see the big kids having as much fun playing in the snow as I did as a kid. Caroline has proved quite brave and capable, sledding on her own and has even embraced the "bundling up" required awfully well for someone who barely tolerates wearing long sleeves. Matthew would prefer to just putter around the driveway where the footing is a bit easier for someone with small legs, but he ended every sled run with a good giggle, too. 

And that, plus some knitting, and that pesky school thing, is about all we have to report for the first week of 2017. I still need to make some resolutions, or a list, or something. More on that soon. 
Happy New Year! 

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