Thursday, January 26, 2017

January, continued

Well, all that lovely snow melted literally overnight and hasn't been seen since. Lots of temperatures in the 40s and wind-driven rain with leaden skies this week. Not my favorite! But there have been plenty of pleasant moments to carry me through what is seeming like rather a long month. Here we are: 

Caroline the bunny wanted to learn to knit... But naturally didn't want me to actually teach her. Cute and frustrating all at the same time. 

Dorothy made an appearance one day. I made that dress for Amy when she was nearly five, which makes me think C is turning out a bit bigger than her big sister. 

William brought this home and it makes me smile for so many reasons. 

Caroline and I have been doing some easy sewing here and there, and this was our project one day. She wanted a tiny dog with pointy ears. 

Matthew's favorite thing these days is being outside. 

More sewing... Tote bag/purse for Amy

And piano time at my parents' house! 

Lots of other little things without pictures, you know how it is. Back soon! 

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