Thursday, October 20, 2016

Yarn Season

To pick up where I left off several weeks ago, let's talk about some more projects. Right around the first of October something pinged in my head and I knew it was time to wake up the knitting needles. I have no shortage of projects started, but I haven't touched any of them in quite awhile. Plus, after finally getting my sewing and craft stuff organized I've been forced to confront this rather large bin of leftover or unused yarn. I've been sifting through it over the last several weeks, considering projects different from what I might have intended to use skeins for originally, or ways to combine the leftovers into something pretty or useful. 

So far this season, I'm on a bit of a roll. 

First I wanted to make another helix knit hat. I followed the same general pattern I'd made successfully twice before, this time with leftover purple and pink Red Heart acrylic and presto! A hat for Caroline. 

You can see in the first picture my very not-done to-do list that I was ignoring in favor of some knitting time. In the second picture is the yellow and black helix hat I made for William a few years ago that he still actually wears and likes. Currently I'm whipping through another hat with a different yarn, also from the stash, this time for Amy:3

Might have enough to make a cowl, too. Small projects like this are so fast and satisfying! 

On the opposite side of the speed spectrum is this doozy: 

The beginnings of a attempt to use up all my cheap acrylic afghan yarn once and for all. Working on this project in just a simple giant granny is fun and mindless but gives me some déjà vu because of all the hours I've logged with these colors over the years, in several large-scale projects, most of which were sent off as gifts. Fortunately most of the colors I have on hand work together and go with my living room, so a mix-y, casual blanket to snuggle with should be just right. 

Speaking of the living room, I finally sprung for a rug and end tables and proper lamps, which all together have improved that room tremendously. Here's a quick before and after: 

With these new additions I feel like I finally have a grown up living room. What do you think, should we paint the mantle white?

That's about all I've got for the moment though I hope to keep up the good knitting and crochet momentum; I do love it so and like to report on my projects. I'll sign off with my attempts at catching the autumn beauty going on all around us right now. It's just amazing, especially after being away from New England for so long.  

Hope you all have had many beautiful moments in your week, too! Back soon! 

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