Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Small Projects

Slowly but surely little (and big) projects are being completed around here. Caroline is my super-helper, and she had quite a hand in the painting and staining of the pieces in this post. 

Over the summer I picked up a 1960s ugly but functional dresser from a trendy little thrift store. Somewhere I have a Before picture but I can't put my finger on it. You can imagine I'm sure. I tried Rustoleum's "chalked" paint on this, since the whole chalk paint idea is good for low-prep and high coverage. The color was off the shelf "serenity" and I used their recommended matte varnish over top. The paint was a little drippy, but covered well, and the varnish was a little bubbly, but in the end I love how it turned out and I think it will be quite serviceable. 

For now this dresser is hanging out in my sewing space, holding fabric and other supplies. Since taking this picture Don and I removed the kitchen cabinet from the wall. Not as useful as it might seem. This corner of our finished basement is the last stronghold of chaos in the house - it's been the home for everything that hasn't otherwise found a home. This week Caroline and I have been spending our mornings trying to organize it all into something much less cluttered. It's looking better now; I hope I can show you a more finished area soon. 

Next up my lovely assistant models the completed bench in the completed front entry! I am SO proud of this project because it took our entry from a scuffed up wall and a lot of shoes (again, I need the before picture!) into a really lovely first impression when you come in the front door. 

Don and I built the black shelf on the wall, installed the beadboard and chair rail (I had already painted) and made the bench. We are feeling pretty pumped about out combined carpentry skills! It all warrants more detail. I'm going to try to get pictures better organized onto my computer soon and then will be back to fill in the details on this all and other adventures in homeownership! 

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