Monday, October 31, 2016


This might have been my favorite Halloween yet, because I didn't have to do a thing for anyone's costume besides rescue and re-tape a cardboard box from the recycling bin. That would be for William's "Enderman" outfit, a figure from Minecraft, which the older kids have had a fleeting obsession with. The only flaw was low visibility from the box, so he did most of his trick-or-treating headless. Amy was very secretive about her costume, making her decision several weeks ago but giving no clues besides finding everything wearable that was blue. She was a Navidian (Dividian?) from Star Trek... She doesn't watch Star Trek, but somehow in her passing exposure to the show she picked out this race of creature as something worth dressing as. Caroline was delighted to wear her "cat costume" consisting of the black ears and tail she has been wearing just about every day for a month now anyway. She was so in to the whole trick-or-treating concept this year, racing along with the big kids and all their friends and declaring to me in joy and disbelief after every house, "I got another piece of candy!!"  Matthew started off in a nap, but woke up happily dressed in the cozy warm raccoon jacket costume I picked up at Goodwill years ago for just a couple of dollars, I think. It has been in the closet for ages. He was a great sport. They all were, and I wish I had more and better pictures of each of them in the costumes of their own creation. 

(I gave myself extra points for the fact that there were also raccoons on his blanket.) 

And, as a side note, how fortunate we all feel to be living in a neighborhood so ideal for trick-or-treating. Feeling so blessed in so many ways these days.  

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