Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Back from the Flip Side

It's late and I'm a little punchy, so I'm not quite sure my title makes sense, but it's been a pretty zooy couple of weeks so I'll just go with it. 

We are now officially back on the Right coast, over the jet lag, and HOMEOWNERS! The day after Don's 10 year CG anniversary we closed on our very first house. We've looked forward to this time for our whole almost-eleven years of marriage but never knew exactly when it would come together for us, given how often we move and all the different parts of the county we've lived in. I'll spare you the nitty gritty and just summarize with the obvious statement that God is So Good and has plans and timing more perfect than anything we can scheme up. 

D still has to go back west to work a few more weeks at the old job before he rejoins us out here, and we are planning to spend a good chunk of time on "vacation" at my parents house. So we aren't totally and officially living at the new house yet, but it's OURS, and that's very exciting. 

Meanwhile, a few pictures from the last week or so, just to catch up. I'll write more about the house in bits as we settle in. Here's just a couple from closing day: 

Since our HHG were not ready yet we spent a few nights in a hotel which was perhaps the best decision of 2016, given that we were all pretty tired of camping in a house with no stuff by the time we left Oregon. 

Plus, well, a pool 

And a nice cool hotel room with fluffy white beds. 

Back at my folks' for a bit and we've had beautiful weather for roaming about the yard and garden. 

And lots of good inside play with all the favorite in-house toys

I'll be so happy to have this move completely behind us. This project has been taking up all my mental RAM for months now and I'm ready to move on. The truck arrives tomorrow; D's handling that one. After that it's all fun and games. Right? 

More soon, best wishes for a lovely start to summer! 

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  1. So happy for you and your family! Looks like a lovely home and yard.