Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Day

Oh my, the emotions and the to-do list are both overwhelming, but before we fly out tomorrow afternoon I wanted to share the briefest of thoughts on this, our last full day in Oregon. 

But first, must mention that on Sunday my sweetest tender-heart William turned SIX years old! 

He graciously celebrated his birthday amidst boxes, as our packers came the day before and the truck came the day after his special day. He's a pretty awesome boy. 

The school year goes for three more weeks out here, but awhile ago we had to accept that the kids wouldn't finish with their classes due to arrangements with Don's job, travel, and our house closing. They were all smiles about the plan, but when it came to the end it hit William pretty hard. Amy, the ever-cheerful, optimistic, intellectual one took her goodbyes in stride. We went out for dinner, and while these pictures aren't the greatest (I was trying to be all candid and discreet in my picture taking) they sort of capture the day pretty well in my mind. 

And in hasty closing, because it sounds like the little guy is waking up for a late-night snack, here's one last pretty view to remember: 

We will miss it here! 

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