Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New House Fun

Oh dear, after almost a month off from the blog there will be very little chance of catching up in one shot, and I hardly know where to begin. It has been a very transitional summer, to say the least, and it has also been seeming like a rather long one (not a bad thing). We have been mostly still at my parents' house since D is back on the west coast finishing up the old job, but the kids and I have made two half-week field trips to the new house to slowly settle in and unpack. I'd really love to tell more about the house, or give room-by-room before and afters, but I can't seem to bring that sort of focus to the game right now, so in the interest of simply breaking my blog-silence and sharing a small slice of the moving-in part of our summer, here are a few pictures from our two separate visits out there, about mid-June and last week. 

The house is so BIG and bright and especially after our tiny house in Oregon it feels really good to spread out. The boys are sharing a room but the girls each have their own, we have a huge finished basement with lots of natural light and a guest bedroom, and for the first time in two years we have a master bedroom to ourselves! We are on a quiet street tucked way at the back of an established neighborhood. The house needs paint inside and maybe some new bathrooms down the road, but overall it is just perfect for us inside and out. We are feeling very very blessed to have all this, in our home state no less. The kids and I really have been having a good time getting to know the place and the town and surrounding areas, being in a part of the state I never knew well. We've been feeling quite lucky to now have civilization so close at hand - Panera Bread! A mall! Target! Restaurants! Did I ever mention how very remote our last town was? I have new found appreciation for, um, commerce, I guess you could say. 

Anyway, I've rambled longer than I intended to tonight. I'll try to be back sooner with some more pictures of our summer so far. Hope you all are enjoying a lovely one as well! 

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  1. The new house looks so lovely! Congrats and keep enjoying :) I remember pinching myself every day for a year when we first moved into our house. It is a lucky thing indeed! Love the Ikea high chair; we have that too :)