Thursday, October 8, 2015

Quick Notes on Small Adventures


Popping in briefly to share a few moments, like this one, already a week ago. Out to breakfast with my favorite guy and only C while the other two were in school. What a treat! This followed a doctor visit for me; everything chugging along nicely, going on 32 weeks in this picture: 


New sweater, too. Black shirt is slimming; I feel like I look rather bigger than that - I've already surpassed my weight gain of any of my other pregnancies, though I was starting about 10 pounds lighter than the others. But maybe that's more than you wanted to know. Moving on! 

Don took all the kiddos on a short bike ride to find a letterbox. If I knew how to add links on the blogger app I would; letterboxing is quite fun, and easy to do with the kids - recommended! Also, C's first ride in the bike seat. Glad we continued to hang on to this contraption all the way from Amy's toddlerhood; all the kids have gotten some use out of it. 

I put away toys and vacuumed while they were gone; it was very glamorous. 


We picked these three small acorn squash from our garden on Saturday. As I suspected, planting seeds from a grocery store squash produced some slightly off-beat results. Still tasty though! 

Sunday was warm and we made a whole-family trip out for a walk. This was the only picture I took, at the very end, and it gives me a chuckle when I think of everyone's story at this very moment. William rode his bike (hence the helmet) and did a great job of it except for the one short steep hill where he panicked and used his sneakers to brake... Rubbing nearly all the rubber off the toes of his almost-new shoes. Here he was trying to get Amy to see the plastic bottle in the sorry little dried up stream below. She was hot and cranky and insisted that William was making it all up about the bottle, because she couldn't see it. Don is checking the bottom of his shoes for suspected dog poop. Caroline has no pants on on account of getting hers all wet and sandy at the edge of the lake earlier in the walk. Minutes after this shot she would fall of course and scrape both knees again. And I'm standing back in the shade, feeling a little dehydrated and ready for lunch. But despite all that it was a great morning out! 

The rest of the week since then has gone zipping by. Field trip for all tomorrow; hope to be able to share a good report on that soon! 

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