Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Reflections

Yet another pumpkin picture to begin a post, but tonight I have hopes of actually catching up a bit more than last time. As expected, it has felt like we have been on fast forward since school started and here we find ourselves with the first "solid" seven-week chunk of school complete, and only five weeks left until my due date! Next week will be just two short school days then a mini fall break for the rest of the week, and for that breather I am very grateful. 

School has been going well this year, now that we are firmly in the swing of it. Amy has been doing marvelously as usual, with her third-and-fourth grade class suiting her very well. Last year her teacher burned through at least four reams of paper per student, and Amy's days both in school and for homework were really worksheet-heavy. She didn't exactly complain, but this year's teacher has been a lot different. While it bugs me a touch to never really see much work come home, it sounds like they are doing all sorts of interesting and productive things in class, and the homework has been appropriately light. Amy is cheery about school everyday, enjoys her class time and playing with her friends at their multiple recesses, and on the whole makes me very happy with the investment in this school for her these two years. Also, we had an interesting conversation about public and private schools - Amy was aghast to learn that one does not study the Bible in public school, and since she considers that "the most important subject" (all her idea!) she wants to keep doing private school wherever we go next. That could get a bit expensive...but I admire her conviction. 

William has had a couple of rough patches in the separation department. Frustrating, especially since he always has fun in the three short hours he spends at school. But this week was full of smooth and quick drop-offs and he seems to be accepting of the routine now. I sympathize with him so completely though, because I, too, never really wanted to be away from Mommy. He does enjoy his classmates and they are all really excited to see him every morning which is pretty cute. We play on the playground everyday after I pick him up which he and Caroline both love. William's other loves at school include his helper-job of the day, any extra time he gets to make his own drawings, and bringing in a toy from home to show his friends. His teacher is the same teacher he had for preschool and I will be forever grateful that she decided to move up to kindergarten with his class because she knows him so well and that familiarity has been a great boost for him. 

Caroline does a really good job with a routine that for her involves a zillion trips in and out if the car everyday. She is mostly cooperative and likes all the little bits of school she is involved in, like checking the fish tank by Amy's classroom, playing with the preschool stuff outside William's room, and especially the playground. 

She's so talkative now, with lots of complete sentences, and I am constantly delighted as I listen to her talk through the different parts of her day. 

And then there's me...

Poorly lit picture from last Sunday, I think? My, what did pregnant ladies do with themselves before the days of the phone-mirror trick? Anyway, here we are, now just five weeks out, and hoping, actually, that baby hangs out inside for all of that. There are dentist appointments, teacher conferences, meals to plan, Christmas shopping and making to do...perhaps too ambitious for the next four weeks before my parents arrive and Thanksgiving is upon us, but I'm going to do my best. After all THAT, I will be most glad to meet this little boy and get my body back to myself - for good. I'm thankful for the relatively easy pregnancies that I've had, not to mention the amazing blessing and miracle that each one is, but nevertheless will be glad to put the aches and twinges and breathlessness behind me and have a bit more energy back - both mental and physical. 

Despite general low-energy/shortage of free time, I have managed to squeeze in some sewing here and there, and completed these two skirts for my girls: 

They are a pretty basic, no-pattern tiered/ruffled elastic waistband skirt...but with pockets! I figured that out and was really pleased that it worked. The girls were only moderately impressed of course. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get a picture of them being worn one of these days. My project list is rather long still, but my sewing room is tidy and I'm feeling inspired so maybe I'll actually crank out a few more things in the coming weeks. 

So that's about it for now. I think I feel a bit more caught up. Be back soon!

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