Thursday, October 1, 2015



My goodness, the weeks are going so fast these days. The big kids had school pictures on Tuesday and I figured I would try to get a portrait-worthy picture of Caroline around the same time too, just to keep my yearly 8x10s consistent. Tuesday evening found us with some beautiful lighting and perfect curls so after dinner I tried to catch C for her close up. But of course she tripped on her way out the
door and skinned both knees, so the start of our photo op looked like this: 


But she perked up when I took pictures of her poor knees

We only had one heart bandaid left so I had to draw a heart on the other one. After that I caught some silly, and mostly blurry faces. 


But today while we were waiting for Amy to finish her first violin lesson (!) I did catch a frame-able shot, I think. Check that box off the Christmas to-do list. 

Quick notes on the other two: lucky Amy has the opportunity to take group violin lessons at school, after school once a week. We signed right up and today was the first. Of course, their were large tears of frustration and despair at the end, but after a snack at home and some fresh perspective she was back to feeling pretty excited about it. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. 


And lastly this message from my boy made me smile, as he asked for no help on spelling (the missing i in his name an oversight; he usually gets that right) and I love his little hearts at the bottom. He's been very into writing lately, especially love notes to a girl character in a movie, and Amy has been ghost-writing notes "from" her back to him while she is at school. It is all rather Santa-waiting-to-happen but for now everyone is still buying in and I'm just enjoying the show. 

There is always more of course... for another time! Happy October! 

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