Thursday, June 4, 2015

Field Trip (one)

Went on a lovely little field trip with my boy and his preschool class this morning. It was a perfect, sunny day and a beautiful location. Most of the time was spent on what turned out to be a gigantic downhill hike (followed, obviously, by a gigantic uphill hike). The woods were pristine, the marsh was scenic, and the kids were impressive in their non-whineyness. I carried Caroline on my hip for the whole long march and was hurting by the end, but there was remarkably little complaining from the shorter set. And I'm telling you, this was a long, steep walk. Even my boy, who has been known for his ability to drag his feet and beg carrying on much shorter excursions put on his big boy face and charged along. One of the reasons I come back to again and again in favor of school - it brings out a resilience and adaptability in my kids that they don't always show me. 

One more week of school to churn through, including Miss Amy's turn for a field trip. Will report back soon! 

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