Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Field Trip (two)

Today was Amy's turn for a field trip, and she, Caroline and I all had a lovely time. The destination was the "exotic animal petting zoo" a few towns over which screamed road-side tourist trap but was really quite good fun for the young set. We fed some goats, and the goats in turn cleaned all the ancient crumbs out of the stroller crevices. Amy got to pet a baby bear, fox, and possum, among others. Caroline was quite taken with it all and alternated saying "oh!" and "hi!" when each new creature turned up. 

The morning was capped off by lunch at the city park and a brief romp on the playground. We even got permission to play hooky for the remaining 90 minutes of the school day, picked up William (who had a highly anticipated post-preschool lunch date with Daddy) and came home for a restful afternoon. 

Littlest of course got to come on both trips, and clearly enjoyed herself, but I was grateful for the time with each of the other two, just (sort of) one-on-one. It is a treat to see my kids around their classmates, to see how much they stay true to themselves, and ultimately how much they still like hanging around with Mommy even in the midst of it all. 

And now, our busy week continues with end of the year "awards" tomorrow, and the final frantic preparations for houseguests who will be arriving in the middle of the day. Wheeee! 

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