Monday, May 4, 2015

Still Here

Howdy! Where did a week go? Just had to pop in to say hi even though I'm short on pictures. My phone was all filled up and I had to catch up with some back ups and deleting. First world problems.  But as a result all I have to show is the above advertisement by Amy, which was taped to the kitchen doorway all week, and left there because it made me smile. 

Busier than usual weeks for us here as we wind into the home stretch of school. The older grades have been going to swim lessons, with school, every afternoon. Of course they need parent drivers, so I have hauled my crew out during nap time several of these days to do my duty.  Kind of a Chinese fire drill, getting those kids to the neighborhood pool, changed, swimming, changed, and back to school inside of 90 minutes. But Amy has been doing well and this seems to be fun for everyone, even though I think it is still way too crazy cold for outdoor swimming. Though what does this displaced New Englander lately from South Carolina know? 

Anyway, that's been the dominating thing here lately. Will report more on all the rest soon! 

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