Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Some Quick Takes

Hello friends, we are in the last push of school here, not quite single digits yet but can't get there soon enough. Busy!  Plus there has been some mild but weird and drawn-out virus of assorted sniffles, coughing, fever, rash, watery eyes, and malais, depending on the family member, circulating through us all, and I'm really ready to feel healthy again.  Anyway, here are a few moments worth reporting on lately. Well, there are many worth reporting on, but these have pictures. 

So many mornings I must get up and leave this behind. Or this,

Or this, 

I spend a lot of nights longing for the day I get my bed back, but these angel moments in the morning make it all worthwhile. 

Pokemon has descended in our home. Amy being the driving force, but Daddy and William are equally involved. I pretend to be interested. 

Nearly ten years into our marriage and D finally sprung for a gas-powered mower. We've always had yards tiny enough for the push reel, but after months of slogging through this rather large yard of crazy thick grass that never stops growing, he finally caved. We all love it - W in particular, who enjoys following behind picking up the clods of grass.  

Not the greatest pic as I had to crop out the other kids, but I was so touched by these two holding hands at their informal little spring concert this last weekend. They learn so many great Jesus songs at school and W especially sings them at home all the time. I was very proud that he finally had the nerve to join the group when they all "performed". 

Has the rest of the country been enjoying amazing strawberries right now, too? Omg, these are just California grocery store berries but they are so cheap, and so good! And never a moldy one in the whole two pounds. Wow. Anyway, made the best strawberry shortcake ever and could pretty much eat this for every meal. 

And, lastly, this afternoon D came home inspired and finally fixed the water dispenser on the fridge. Never in my life have I had water and ice on the fridge door before this house, but since it has been non-functional we all hardly know how to get a drink. It works now, oh happy day! 

And that brings you more or less up to date. There is a little boy around here turning FIVE on Friday, oh my! Will be back soon to report on that. 

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