Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seven. Seven?

I tend to round up, when it comes to the kids' ages. The month or two before a birthday I'm already referring to them as the next age. But when it came to picking out a candle at the grocery store the other day I had to really think hard. My first baby girl... seven already? My own seven is pretty fresh in my mind. I suppose a bit of that comes from starting this Mommy gig at the tender age of 24. And seven is a lot of years, too. A lot of moments, memories, places, milestones. Quite the little life with this pretty girl so far. I'm so proud of you my dear, keep up the good work! 

(PS, also worth noting that D and I celebrated the birth of our first on a breakfast date this morning, just us and C! Made possible by the rare weekday off for him, coinciding with a morning of school for both big kids. We haven't been on anything resembling a date since June, so it was quite exciting.)

More notes on sweater, birthday gifts, costumes, etc. coming soon - so much to share!

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