Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Week or So

Flipping through pictures as usual here and once again marveling at how many little moments and memories are packed into the most ordinary weeks, and I just love it. Does make for an eclectic blog post though, if I don't keep up with it.  Here are some themes of the last week or so - the kids have had a few days off for Veterans Day, conferences and such, and I'm never quite sure if having everyone home makes a day more busy or less. Anyway, without further ado, I present:


Figs (from the tree in our backyard!):

And Beans, also from our own garden:


Super-cute, Super-busy Girl, who is closing in on her first birthday.  What? 

Rainbows, three in one day!: 

Tree, Christmas, up already! Not decorated, just lending a bit of light and warmth to cold evenings: 

We even sneaked in a Nutcracker viewing. It was lovely. And later in the same weekend we tried out our fireplace for the first time! 

So just add in some swimming lessons and you pretty much have our week. I think I finished Christmas shopping today, for the kids at least, so I'm hoping to shift to a season of fun and festive making without feeling as busy and stressed as I've been with these last few busy weeks. And maybe I'll get around to blogging more than once a week! 

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