Saturday, March 29, 2014


... began as a rainy day and ended as a sunny day. 

... we slept in. Sort of. 

... Caroline napped for over two hours in her crib. 

... we sorted through toys and I paid A&W for the ones they agreed to get rid of. 

.... I vacuumed, and the kids cleaned the floor - their idea. 

... I snuck upstairs for 20 minutes of sewing before anyone noticed. 

... we made chocolate chip cookies. 

... I had my phone handy to snap the above picture, which I love. 

... we played Legos and made drawings. 

... I pushed C in the stroller while A&W rode their bikes. 

... A&W switched to rain boots and splashed in the huge puddles in the back yard. 

... lots of wet clothes were generated. 

... we ate pasta and meatballs for dinner, in the living room, while watching Hello Dolly. 

... all three kids loved it. 

... Amy wrote a 3 part story after lights out. 

Today was a pretty good day. 

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