Friday, March 7, 2014

Catching Up

Oh boy. I'm very behind, and yet this week has been so full of nice moments, so here we go, quick-hits style, starting with the great pic of the big kids that Don took last weekend. 

On Monday I made a rather fabulous zucchini-quinoa cake. I made up the recipe, and was a little skeptical when it came out of the oven. Nothing a little cream cheese frosting didn't fix. 

Amy... Oh my, so bright, so eager. Upon getting home from school on Monday asked me to write her a lesson on the dry-erase boards. Her "work" is on the bottom. Mustache reference was to Dr. Seuss week at school. 

Knitting, yay! I'll say no more, only that it is coming along nicely. 

Miserable weather this week, cold and rainy. Nevertheless William really wanted to take a walk, and push the pink doll stroller! With his assorted cars and such in for the ride, of course. Here's what Caroline looked like on that walk: 


Last night was late night grown-up Lego time.. With a cat. 

This label was on the package of aquarium plants that arrived today. Made  me giggle. Don't know yet what we'll do about moving our goldfish...

Finishing up Dr. Seuss week was Whoville Hair Day, showing here. And I love this green coat, wish it came in my size. 

And lastly a smiley, laughing baby to round out the week. Now I'm caught up! 

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